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K-12 Behavior Support Specialists of Arkansas
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Who are we?

  • K-12 Behavior Support Specialists (BSS) are consultants with expertise in the area of behavior. 
  • In affiliation with the Arkansas Department of Education, Special Education Unit, BSS provide technical assistance and professional development to promote positive behavioral outcomes for students with disabilities. 
  • A BSS is located at each Education Service Cooperative (ESC) in order to meet the needs of each district in the state of Arkansas. NAESC’s BSS is Shana Bailey (shana.bailey@northcentralcoop.org).
  • Four of the BSS also serve as Co-coordinators for the BSS consultant group. Dr. Shelia Smith (shelia.smith@archford.org) is the BSS Co-coordinator for NAESC. 


What do we do? (A description of BSS services for the 2018-2019 school year is provided below.) 

  • BX3 (Behavior eXtreme 3 – Training, Coaching, Empowering) pilot project that is designed to build local capacity across the state. District teams will be trained, coached and empowered by the Behavior Support Specialists (BSS) to work effectively with students with challenging behaviors.
    • ​District applications were reviewed in July 2018 and multiple districts were chosen for participation during the 2018-2019 school year. 
    • Participation in this pilot project provides the district with professional development and coaching opportunities that have been aligned to the Arkansas State Systemic Improvement Plan to address Tier II (moderate) and Tier III (severe) behaviors.
    • District teams will be provided technical assistance from the Behavior Support Specialists, as part of a multi-year initiative, to increase local capacity that will help districts build sustainable programming and legally defensible processes for Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) for Tier II and Tier III behaviors. 
    • District teams will be provided personalized coaching built around a collaborative approach based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.
    • Read the ADE Commissioner’s Memo on the BX3 team pilot project at the following link: http://adecm.arkansas.gov/ViewApprovedMemo.aspx?id=3647  
  • BSS will offer professional development related to Tier II Evidence-Based Behavior Interventions. Assistance for Autism Programming and Tier II behaviors will be addressed through Tier II trainings offered by the BSS at all Education Service Cooperatives around the state.
  • BSS will work with school teams to provide training and technical assistance in response to individual-student CIRCUIT referrals related to Tier III (severe) behaviors and/or Autism Identification.
    • Tier III behaviors include those behaviors with an intensity that requires significant time and resources from school staff. Some examples of Tier III behaviors include: self-injury that leaves a mark after five minutes, elopement from the school building/campus, inflicting bodily harm to others that results in need for medical treatment, repeated aggression (three or more incidents over a one-week period), threatening others that is substantiated through a threat assessment process, destruction of property that cannot be repaired or replaced, property damage that totals more than $500.
    • Circuit referrals can be submitted at: https://arksped.k12.ar.us/sections/circuit.html


Visit www.arkansasbss.org for more information about services provided by K-12 Behavior Support Specialists.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Shana Bailey
K-12 Behavior Support Specialist
Northcentral Arkansas Education Service Cooperative
870-368-7955 (office)