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NAESC Nano-Link June 16, 2016
NAESC Keep Calm and Make Art June 16, 2016
NAESC Keep Calm and Make Art June 16, 2016
NAESC Purposeful PLC's June 16, 2016
NAESC 419 Business Technology Grade 5-6 Endorsement
NAESC 419 Business Technology Grade 5-6 Endorsement
2016 NAESC Instructional Leaders Institute
2016 Instructional Leaders Institute
June 8, 2016 Instructional Leaders Institute
June 14, 2016 Curriculum/Forms/Coding with Laptops
June 14, 2016 Curriculum/Forms/Coding with Laptops
June 14, 2016 Dynamic Assessment, Scaffolding, Progress Monitoring & RTI
June 14, 2016 Using Google Apps in the Classroom
April 26, 2016 Virtual Arkansas Annual Update and Registration Training
UACCB Chancellor Debbie Frazier welcoming students and parents to the 2016 NAESC Science Fair
Legislator and Superintendent Meeting February 23, 2016
E.C.M. Year Two Training February 24, 2016
Dr. Judy Elliott will be presenting RTI Problem Solving at UACCB June 27 & 28, 2016
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About Dr. Judy Elliott, Ph.D.

 Dr. Judy Elliott, Ph.D.

Judy Elliott is the former Chief Academic Officer of the Los Angeles Unified School District where she was responsible for curriculum and instruction from early childhood through adult, professional development, innovation, accountability, assessment, afterschool programs, state and federal programs, health and human services, magnet programs language acquisition for both English and Standard English learners, parent outreach, and intervention programs for all students.

Before that she was the Chief of Teaching and Learning in the Portland Oregon Public Schools and prior to that an Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services in the Long Beach Unified School District in CA. Judy also worked as a Senior Researcher at the National Center on Educational Outcomes at the University of Minnesota.

She started her career as a special education classroom teacher and then school psychologist. During this time she was an adjunct Professor at the State University College at Buffalo New York where she taught graduate courses in curriculum and instruction and applied behavior analysis in the Department of Exceptional Education.

In 2012, she was appointed by former NYS Commissioner John King as “Distinguished Educator” to help support and oversee the Buffalo City School District Priority Schools.

Judy continues to assist districts, cooperatives, schools, national organizations, state and federal departments of education in their efforts to update and realign systems and infrastructure around curriculum, instruction, assessment, data use, leadership and accountability that includes all students and renders a return on investment.

Her research interests focus on leading to and through systems change, effective instruction for all students, data based decision making, and accelerated student achievement across multiple measures. She has trained thousands of staff, teachers, and administrators in the U.S. and abroad in areas of integrated service delivery systems, multi-¬‐tiered system of supports, effective use of data, linking assessment to District and classroom instruction, intervention, strategies and tactics for effective instruction, curriculum adaptation, collaborative teaching and behavior management.

She has published over 51 articles, book chapters, technical/research reports and books. She sits on editorial boards for professional journals and is active in many professional organizations.

Judy is nationally known for her work in Multi-¬‐Tiered System of Supports/Response to Instruction and Intervention. She has led many successful initiatives and projects in this area and actively continues to support school districts and national organizations in this work.















NAESC RTI Multi-Tiered System of Supports: Common Language, Common Understanding

Judy Elliott, Ph.D.

June 27 & 28, 2016 @ Batesville, @ U.A.C.C.B. 


June 29 & 30, 2016 @ Mountain Home School, Hackler Campus

This fast paced two-day workshop is designed to provide school based leadership teams time to calibrate their understanding, knowledge, and plans around implementing RtI that uses data to drive decision making and tiered instruction to ensure all students are successful across multiple measures.

During this workshop we will develop a common language, common understanding of what RtI is/isnt’ and how to plan for implementation that is integrated and respectful of current efforts while problem solving areas in need of support.  We will also examine school culture and belief systems as a critical component of this work.

Teams will learn about the Self Assessment of Multi-Tiered System of Support that is used to assess 6 domains critical to the implementation and sustainability of RtI.  Time will be provided to take the assessment tool and plan for next steps.

Teams will learn a 4-step problem solving process that is a proven and well-established method of identifying, implementing and evaluating educational solutions that are designed to improve student growth and performance. The process enables teams of educators at the district and school levels to ensure that instructional resources reach the right students and schools at the right levels to accelerate the performance of every student to achieve and/or exceed proficiency with accepted academic, behavioral and social/emotional standards. 

Teams will learn how to utilize a problem solving tool that helps analyze challenges/problems, identify corresponding goals and develop hypotheses across instruction, curriculum, environment, and learner domains (ICEL) and uses review, interview, and testing approaches (RIOT) to validate root causes.

Teams will be actively engaged in learning and provided supportive work time to evaluate where they are currently in RtI implementation and where they want to be in the next school year.  Schools are asked to bring or have access to their data and/or School Improvement Plan to facilitate planning conversations. 

School Based Leadership Teams
The building principal, assistant principal(s), and school leadership team are critical to implementing RtI at the school level. They engage staff in ongoing professional development for implementing RtI, plan strategically for implementation, and model a data-based problem-solving process for school improvement. The school principal also supports the implementation of MTSS by communicating a vision and mission to school staff, providing resources for planning and implementing instruction and intervention, and ensuring that staff have the data needed for data-based problem-solving.

Common School based Leadership Team members include - 
•    Principal
•    Assistant Principal
•    Data Coach (role, not necessarily title or person)
•    General Education Teacher - grade / subject area representation
•    Special Education Teacher 
•    Specialized Teacher (e.g., reading, math, gifted)
•    Student Services
•    English learner Teacher 

As you assemble your team for these two days, consider the current role of your school leadership team, and respective members (e.g., roles and responsibility) to ensure they represent as closely as possible the team structure above and reflects your school student population.


Click To Register:   June 27 & 28, 2016 @ Batesville, @ U.A.C.C.B. 


Click To Register:  June 29 & 30, 2016 @ Mountain Home School, Hackler Campus