Do you want your school to earn the 2022 Codemaster title? Encourage students to participate in ANY Hour of Code activity for ANY one hour of ANY DAY and ANY TIME of the week of December 6-12. Students will then need to complete the Google Form with their name, email, school, and a brief description of the activity they chose. There are lots of fun options this year: Hour of Code is the official website to find PreK-12 Hour of Code activities suitable for any student. As always, has lots of great Hour of Code activities ready for Computer Science Week. There are activities for PreK-12. Tynker has partnered with NASA to bring lots of fun, free activities for students of any ability level. If you have any questions at all reach out to Monica Mobley, STEM Coordinator at NAESC and she can help!
8 days ago, Sadie Jenkins
Hour of Code
Honoring all who served, past, present and future.
16 days ago, Sadie Jenkins
Veterans Day
Teachers came in to collaborate and learn more about teaching with the Arkansas Science Standards. They discovered ways to have students collaborate and come up with consensus models. Modeling in the science classroom is essential!
17 days ago, Sadie Jenkins
GPS 101
Today, November 8, we recognize National STEM day. NAESC has some amazing things going on in the world of STEM! We encourage schools and teachers to reach out and discover how you can get your students engaged!
19 days ago, Sadie Jenkins
National STEM Day
Mrs. Duncan from Highland High School is displaying the 8 Mathematical Practices for her students. We love it!
22 days ago, Sadie Jenkins
Principals joined together for an informative day, gathering information on how they can better serve their schools. They also learned about some great events that are upcoming in which students can be involved! Exciting things coming! 🎉
25 days ago, Sadie Jenkins
Principal’s Meeting
Last week, students at ICC Elementary participated in some STEM learning while having fun with pumpkins!
26 days ago, Sadie Jenkins
STEM in Action at ICC Elementary
Family and Consumer Science teachers came together for a day of collaboration. They shared strategies, methods and resources with each other from their programs of study. They also discussed Perkins funding and program approvals. It was a great day of sharing and learning!
26 days ago, Sadie Jenkins
FACS Teachers
Students at Midland Elementary are studying severe weather patterns and how our atmosphere affects the weather we experience. They’re going to create a Public Service Announcement soon to inform the public about a specific severe weather we experience here in Arkansas. They’re putting a lot of work into their presentations and are VERY excited about a visit from @ryanvaughanweather next week! Great work, Midland!
about 1 month ago, Sadie Jenkins
We had an amazing day with this RISE 3-6 crew. We were rocking Day 3 with morphology and etymology activities and even threw in some art… can’t wait to see what Day 4 has in store.
5 months ago, Kim Thomas
Day 3
Day 3
Day 3
Eagle Mountain Elementary EAST students practicing for the 2021 CodifyThis! Computer Science competition which was rescheduled for March 11th-12th due to snow. Coding these robots requires the application of math with both logical and creative thinking. Well done, EME!
9 months ago, Monica Mobley
Eagle Mountain Elementary Students Coding Practice
We enjoyed spending the week with our 3-6 RISE participants as we learned vocabulary strategies that are in line with the Science of Reading. We look forward to new learning in November and December!
about 1 year ago, Gia Taylor
Social distancing
Ms. Leah Carpenter's third grade science classes recently participated in an engineering design challenge related to their weather-related hazards learning. I love seeing those SEPs in action. Preparing kids for the future!
about 1 year ago, Monica Mobley
Digital Innovator PD (ZOOM) @ UCA: Saturday Nov. 14th. Attend one or all sessions. More info
about 1 year ago, Monica Mobley
UCA Advertisement for PD
Be sure to check out our Science/STEM pages on the NAESC website for the latest updates. This page is very much still under construction, but the information is immediately relevant
about 1 year ago, Monica Mobley
Join us for the Illustrative Mathematics Support Series.
about 1 year ago, Alan Floyd
Illustrative Mathematics Support Series
Essential Practices for Wondrous Science: Developing and Using Models. 1.5 hrs PD credit. Monday from 3:30 - 5:00 PM.
about 1 year ago, Monica Mobley
It was so good to see so many of our fabulous K-2 Literacy teachers today through our first (of many) RISE Support zoom sessions. We had 6 school districts represented today! We support you and appreciate all of your hard work!
about 1 year ago, Gia Taylor
I had the privilege of getting to observe Dr. Butler’s robotics class at Southside Charter High School. Despite having to social distance, students managed to work as teams to build, program, and drive their robots.
about 1 year ago, Monica Mobley
Practice course
Student practicing driving the robot
Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Bonds
about 1 year ago, Lynn Maguffee
Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Bonds