Ruby Payne Registration Now Open! Use the registration links provided below. June 28, 2022 Ozarka (Miller Auditorium) There will be a $135.00 registration fee that will include lunch (provided by Fred’s Fish House) and a copy of Dr. Ruby Payne’s new book “Emotional Poverty.” July 28, 2022 UACCB (Independence Hall) There will be a $135.00 registration fee that will include lunch (provided by Fred’s Fish House) and a copy of Dr. Ruby Payne’s new book “Emotional Poverty.”
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Congratulations to our area schools!
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Codify This! Computer Science Competition is back for 2022, and will be held live at the Co-op with social distancing and masking in place (and plans for virtual if necessary). This is our third annual CS event and as always will include fun activities from driving and coding Spheros on paths and through obstacle courses, to making simple games or more complex calculators. We may even throw in some bonus activities this year to add a new twist to the competitions. February 15th will be our K-6 Day and February 16th will be our 7-12 Day. See the flyers for more details and scan the QR code to register your teams. We can't wait to bring you all back to our campus!
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codify this
Wishing all of our districts a Happy Holiday Season!
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Congratulations, schools! We are so proud of you!
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*New Date Added* NAESC is proud to announce professional development opportunities presented by Dr. Ruby Payne June 28, 2022 8:30 – 3:30 Miller Auditorium @ Ozarka College, Melbourne, AR July 28, 2022 8:30 – 3:30 Independence Hall @ UACCB, Batesville AR *Registration information will be made available in January of 2022 *$135.00 Registration Fee *All attendees will receive a copy of the new Dr. Ruby Payne book, “Emotional Poverty” *Onsite lunch will be provided by Fred’s Fish House
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This is an awesome grant opportunity!
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Teachers, Are you a member of our Northcentral Arkansas Teacher Community page on Facebook? If not, we highly encourage you to join! Dr. Monica Mobley has been posting some great stuff on there this week about the Hour of Code! Here are some updates: Will it be Salem or Southside (early leaders) who earn the 2021-22 District Codemaster Title? Or will it be a last minute upset by another district altogether? School and grade level titles are also up for grabs. We still have until Sunday, December 12th for students to spend one hour in a coding activity. There are options for all subject areas. The official Hour of Code website offers some searchable activities to help you get started.
about 2 months ago, Sadie Jenkins
Get out your calendars and pencil this in. You don't want to miss this! Tuesday, June 28, we will welcome Dr. Ruby Payne as she presents on Emotional Poverty. Registration will be coming soon!
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Ruby Payne
Keep on Coding!
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Yesterday, NAESC had the opportunity to visit with Jason Davis and Michael Paskewitz who are representatives from U of A Agriculture Division. They brought in drones and gave a presentation of the sophistication these technologies have. We also got a behind the scenes look at the data that was collected in order to provide useful information in feral hog populations, crop management, watersheds and more. We're excited to learn more from them and work closely in order to provide future opportunities for students!
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drone 1
drone 2
drone 3
drone 4
Highland High School is pleased to announce the achievement of Level 2 certification in Marzano High Reliability Schools. Level 2 certification means Highland High School has established “Effective Teaching in Every Classroom,” which focuses on the responsibility of both school leaders and teachers in ensuring high-quality instruction. Highland High School achieved Level 1 certification in March 2020 which was focused on establishing a "Safe and Collaborative Culture." This framework, based on 50 years of educational research, defines five progressive levels of performance that a school must master to become a High Reliability School—where all students learn the content and skills they need for success in college, careers, and beyond. For more information, follow this link or contact Principal, Missy Floyd at (870) 856-3273. #EmpowerALLtoAchieve #RebelsRaiseTheBar
2 months ago, Alan Floyd
HHS Faculty
VERY EXCITING! NAESC is hosting the 2022 STEM Expo and Career Fair on March 15. We are expecting over 600 area students who will be introduced to multiple opportunities that will help to guide their future pathways. For more information, feel free to reach out!
2 months ago, Sadie Jenkins
Do you want your school to earn the 2022 Codemaster title? Encourage students to participate in ANY Hour of Code activity for ANY one hour of ANY DAY and ANY TIME of the week of December 6-12. Students will then need to complete the Google Form with their name, email, school, and a brief description of the activity they chose. There are lots of fun options this year: Hour of Code is the official website to find PreK-12 Hour of Code activities suitable for any student. As always, has lots of great Hour of Code activities ready for Computer Science Week. There are activities for PreK-12. Tynker has partnered with NASA to bring lots of fun, free activities for students of any ability level. If you have any questions at all reach out to Monica Mobley, STEM Coordinator at NAESC and she can help!
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Hour of Code
Honoring all who served, past, present and future.
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Veterans Day
Teachers came in to collaborate and learn more about teaching with the Arkansas Science Standards. They discovered ways to have students collaborate and come up with consensus models. Modeling in the science classroom is essential!
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GPS 101
Today, November 8, we recognize National STEM day. NAESC has some amazing things going on in the world of STEM! We encourage schools and teachers to reach out and discover how you can get your students engaged!
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National STEM Day
Mrs. Duncan from Highland High School is displaying the 8 Mathematical Practices for her students. We love it!
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Principals joined together for an informative day, gathering information on how they can better serve their schools. They also learned about some great events that are upcoming in which students can be involved! Exciting things coming! 🎉
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Principal’s Meeting
Last week, students at ICC Elementary participated in some STEM learning while having fun with pumpkins!
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STEM in Action at ICC Elementary